MINA TOP Screen Printed 100% Linen

MINA TOP Screen Printed 100% Linen


Cropped T-shirt made from 100% Linen with hand screen printed Lactiferous glands. Featuring french and bound seams, key-hole opening with akoya shell button fastening at back neck.

Ethical fashion is, at its core, a feminist issue. Eighty percent of garment workers are women, most of them aged between 18 and 25. Most have children and most aren't paid nearly enough for their work.

There are plenty of ways that women can take a stand against the poor treatment of garment workers through their stylistic choices. Every purchase you make helps sustain the industry you buy into so you can start by assessing what's important to you and seeking out individuals making and doing in a way that aligns with your personal values. Often buying less can actually be the most powerful protest against fashion’s social and environmental injustices.

Given the current trend in feminist 'empowerment' fashion, the question needs to be: who is responsible for creating those garments, what were they paid to do so and were their working conditions what we would consider to be fair? 

All Many Peaks Assembly garments are designed, pattern-made, sampled and sewn in Australia using natural fibres, quality fabrics & construction and minimal environmental impact. 

Buy less, buy better.

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