TROPPO SCARF Silk Crepe de Chine

TROPPO SCARF Silk Crepe de Chine


An original artworks, created to reflect life in the tropics, has been printed onto a large silk crepe de chine square (110 x 110cm).

100% designed and made in Australia.

Using the silk scarf as a canvas, Rose Megirian has created a project to merge her design visions and their artistic pursuits: fashion, 2-dimensional artworks and functional art objects.

The original artwork, measuring 130 x 130cm square was a paper cut of tropical fruit, large fronds, bare feet and sunburnt breasts. Each element was hand cut from the paint swatch samples commonly found in hardware stores. Some of the paper cuts were then hand painted to add detail, the entire process taking over 16 hours. The final piece was photographed at high resolution by a fine art reproduction company based in Fremantle and the digital version printed, as a limited run of 50, onto 100% silk crepe de chine.

The silk squares can be worn, hung as an artwork.

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